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Ala​na Hewitt

Certified Ear, Hand, Foot, Face 

and Hot Stone Reflexology Therapist

A few words about me


Hi, I'm Alana Hewitt

I help women and men to reduce stress and increase energy level to live their best life by improving their health so they can pursue their dreams and goals.

Reflexology is my passion and has been my calling for over 30 years. I don’t think of what I do as work yet I value the trust clients have in me with their health. I love what I do and plan to continue serving my community of Barrie, Ontario and the surrounding areas until I am no longer needed.  

Providing quality service in a caring and professional manner are the values I live by. I am humbled by the health improvements my clients have experienced and, that I have witnessed and supported.

I won’t tell you what to do. You know your body best. I will advise you based on my knowledge, expertise and what your body tells me.

Why choose m​e

Reason One

I have been a Certified Foot Reflexologist for more than 30 years, becoming an Instructor with RAC in 1995, teaching both privately in Barrie and the surrounding areas and at Georgian College in Barrie and Orillia. I operate a private practice from my home in Barrie. Services also include ear candling, and past life regression sessions.  

Reason Two

Hand reflexology is very comfortable for the client.  It can be like a friendly chat while performing the techniques that facilitate the body's mechanisms to improve the client's health.  Reported benefits are reducing stress, a sense of well being, improved circulation and releasing emotional blockages.

Reason Three

Ear Reflexology or Auricular therapy, as it is also known, works on helping people drop their addictions effortlessly.  I've worked with people on smoking, alcohol, weight and relationship issues. It can be applied daily (for 2 weeks) or weekly (10 treatments) and takes only 1/2 hour per session.

Client reviews​

Alana is an incredible Reflexologist and teacher. Her treatments leave you feeling relaxed, inspired and calm. As a teacher of the course, she makes learning fun and accessible. I’m so grateful to have met her and been in the care of her healing hands! I would HIGHLY recommend her for treatments and as a teacher of the program if you’re interested in the certification.

Rosanna Trapani

Owner  of Modo Yoga Barrie

Alana’s knowledge of how the different areas of the foot impact various body parts was very thorough. She reviews your concerns before beginning treatment. Having experienced extreme stress for a number of years, during the treatment I experienced a deep sense of total relaxation. My insomnia disappeared and my energy level increased dramatically. It is not an exaggeration to say that after a few treatments this form of therapy has made a significant improvement to my overall health.

Katherine Mallek​


I had reflexology years ago for a painful 3 inch spur in the arch of my foot. After 4 or 5 treatments the pain and spur were gone!

My mother, who is 98 years old and in a nursing home, was unable to hear even with her hearing aid. Alana worked on her weekly and she can hear now even without her hearing aid. My mother relaxes during the treatments and falls asleep.  Afterwards she is more alert  and engaging.

Alana knows her stuff and I am very pleased with the results.

Daughter, Connie


Student reviews

The first time I met Alana I knew I had made the correct choice for my reflexology teacher. Alana as a person is warm and inviting as is the space she teaches in. She offers the gift of her knowledge and experience in a professional, organized, unique and fun way. I would recommend Alana as a teacher to anyone who is dedicated to learning the beautiful craft of reflexology.        

Terri B

Reflexology Practitioner

Whether you are a mature student, young or hold a professional designation, if you have a desire to learn reflexology then Alana can help you achieve that goal. Alana has a special gift for teaching this craft to suit any student's learning style. As a mature student (53) and having recently graduated with my Nursing degree, Alana taught me material (that I thought I knew!) with such enthusiasm, variety and sense of fun. I have a whole new level of understanding about the intricacies of how our bodies work. I encourage you to start yours!    


Nurse and Reflexologist

It was an absolute joy taking the RAC foot course with Alana Hewitt! She presented the material in an understandable, interesting and fun manner. She gave me the confidence to take on and master what at first seemed an overwhelming task. Her continued support after the course was deeply appreciated. Thank you Alana!                                    

Cathy McArthur, RCRT

Certified Reflexology Therapist

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