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 Self Healing Opportunities

Whether your life focus is with spiritual, mental, emotional or physical growth and opportunities, 

I'd be happy to talk with you and help you meet your goals.

Past Life Sessions

Do you have an unexplained fear or phobia? Wonder why you have an instant liking or dislike for someone? Have you explored your current life and not found the source of your problem? Perhaps you can only go so far in relationships and hit the same barriers time and again?  Take the next step on your spiritual journey and experience the healing benefits of a past life session. 2 hour session cost $160.00 flat rate


Whether needing help in reaching your goal of becoming a Certified Reflexologist, Hot Stone Reflexology Therapist, Advanced Method Reflexology Therapist or any other course completion, your personal health and wellness concerns or if you have questions concerning building your business, my consulting fee is $70.00 hr. 

Foot or Hand Reflexology Video

Each is a 45 min. foot or hand instructional video is based on the Reflexology Association of Canada's nation-wide foot and hand routines. They provide an audio and visual step by step demonstration of the thumb-walking, hooking, sliding and compressing techniques, reflex locations, relaxation techniques, routine and finale. 

Cost $115.00 each

What clients are saying

You have expanded my frame of reference by offering past life sessions! I could not have imagined that my past lives could prove so beneficial to me in this lifetime. You provided a safe place for me to journey back in time. Thank you for being a trusted companion; someone to guide me and help me to gain new perspectives. Your calm and gentle approach gave me the courage to explore a whole new world to me. Each session has had a profound and lasting impact.

Lynn, Guelph, ON

The past life sessions with Alana have had a profound positive affect on my life. Through the process of visiting other lifetimes I was able to see more clearly the bigger picture of the challenges I was facing in my life today. This helped me understand the greater meaning of my experiences, see the perfection of them and most importantly, find my way through them with greater ease and grace. Alana is the perfect guide for this experience. She brings such compassion and understanding to the process that I always felt safe and loved through it all.

Leah, Orangeville, ON

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